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Why Choose ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning?

We’re happy to report that when you work with ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, it is possible to get great service without paying an arm and a leg. How do we do it? The answer is our systems, which have been developed and refined over the course of 60 years by a nationally known company and applied by thousands of locally owned franchises. These include:

  • Training Systems: All our staff undergo standardized training, including training on industry-specific cleaning requirements.
  • Inspection Systems: Our electronic time keeping and documented inspection systems ensure that quality is maintained.
  • Communication Systems: Our communication systems ensure that when the inevitable issues or emergencies arise, we will respond within one hour with a plan for fixing the problem.

When you choose ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, you’ll be working with a locally owned business that actively supports the community, and you’ll be working with an internationally recognized brand—the best of both worlds.

Problems We Solve

Although cleaning is what we do at ServiceMaster (and do it very well, we might add), it’s not what we really sell.  What we sell is solutions to your problems.  Here are some of the main problems we solve, and how we solve them.

Problem #1: Unresponsive Service

One of the main complaints we’ve heard from our clients about other commercial cleaning companies is that they don’t respond quickly when there is an issue that needs to be addressed or an emergency cleaning situation that needs immediate attention.  In fact, they’ve told us that this problem is one of the main reasons they switched to ServiceMaster. 

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Problem #2: Sloppy Work and/or Missed Tasks

Another common complaint we hear about some of our competitors is that the quality of the cleaning work itself is poor.  Some of the most common problem areas are floors, restrooms, break room appliances, and entryways.

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Problem #3: Poor Grades on PQRS/HCAHPS Surveys Due to Poor Cleaning

Some industries, especially health care, have specific standards of cleanliness that must be maintained in their facilities.  Failure to meet these standards can result in consequences such as a poor score on an PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System) or HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey.  These results are available to the general public, and poor scores can harm the reputation of your organization. 

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Problem #4: Lack of Engagement with Clients & Community

If you hire a national cleaning company, people who make decisions that affect the quality and type of service you receive will be far removed from the front lines.  Local managers will have limited flexibility to make decisions, and changes to improve service in response to complaints will be slow in coming—if they come at all.  You, as a client, will likely be dealing with people who have much less at stake in the outcome of their service than you do. 

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