Case Study

The following case study illustrate how our commercial cleaning services have helped solve problems faced by a client in the non-profit sector.


NRVCSAs a large non-profit organization in the area, New River Valley Community Services was looking for a cleaning company that could not only manage but service eight of their facilities in the Town of Blacksburg, the City of Radford, Pulaski Co, Floyd Co. and Giles Co.

The Problem

It was not only important that these buildings be serviced at an agreed upon frequency, but also that they be cleaned at a high quality as most buildings had a significant amount of traffic. Another challenge that faced NRVCS was maintaining staffing at their primary office facility should their in-house janitorial staff happen to be out for any reason.

Our Solution

Initially, ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning took over all cleaning duties at the seven NRVCS satellite offices and supplemented the in-house cleaning staff at the main office.  The fact that we were a local business and that we hire our staff from each locality that we service was a big advantage in this case.

Eventually, due to how well ServiceMaster was doing cleaning the satellite offices, NRVCS stopped using in-house cleaning staff altogether and had us take over all cleaning duties at their main office.


By working with ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, NRVCS was able to reduce their cleaning costs while improving results.  The convenience of always having staff available to handle emergencies or special situations was a big improvement for them.

“If we contacted ServiceMaster about any issues, they usually had somebody here to deal with it the same day. Then they would do follow-up to make sure that the problem did get resolved and that we were satisfied with the response.”

-Vicky Fisher, New River Valley Community Services