ServiceMaster Launches New Goldshield Antimicrobial Cleaning Service to Help Fight COVID-19

Goldshield GS25 Antimicrobial Cleaning SolutionServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is proud to announce the launch of a new antimicrobial cleaning service using a proprietary product developed by Goldshield Technologies which can kill bacteria and other microorganisms on surfaces for up to 90 days after an application.  The service was developed specifically as a response to requests from ServiceMaster customers related to the impact of the pandemic who are interested in a COVID-19 cleaning service.

The service uses the Goldshield Antimicrobial GS5 Concentrate, which was developed exclusively for use by ServiceMaster franchises.  Benefits of the product include:

  • Provides residual protection against microbes on indoor surfaces for up to 90 days after application
  • Protection on outdoor surfaces for up to 12 months
  • Has been proven to persistently kill up to 99.99% of bacteria
  • Product is EPA approved

The Goldshield product is designed to be used as part of a three-stage process of cleaning, disinfecting, and protecting that gives our customers a better chance of keeping their businesses as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.  While other cleaning services can clean and disinfect surfaces after an exposure to a pathogen, ServiceMaster is one of the only companies to provide a service that also gives ongoing protection for a business.

Clean-Disinfect-Protect System

How does the Goldshield GS5 Concentrate work?

Before our cleaning technicians apply the Goldshield product, it is first diluted with water at a ratio of 1:5 (meaning one gallon of concentrate will make 6 gallons of solution).  It can then be applied with commercial pressure sprayers or pump sprayers to surfaces which have already been cleaned and disinfected.

The product works on just about any surface including fabrics, countertops, and carpets.  It forms a strong chemical bond with the surfaces it is applied to, which prevents it from leaching off even during subsequent cleanings.  The product poses no respiratory or contact risk, even as it continues to provide long-term protection against microbes.

What types of businesses can benefit from our antimicrobial cleaning service?

Certified Disinfected by ServiceMaster SealAlthough any business concerned about protecting employees and/or customers from microorganisms (including viruses and bacteria) can benefit from ServiceMaster’s new antimicrobial cleaning service, the service is especially beneficial for businesses with a large volume of foot traffic.  This would include:

  • Schools
  • Day care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Senior living facilities
  • Gyms
  • Restaurants
  • Salons

Traditional cleaning services which only clean and disinfect a location but don’t provide ongoing protection against microbes won’t be nearly as helpful for these types of businesses.  Without the ongoing protection provided by a product like Goldshield, these businesses will need to perform a near-constant cleaning of all high-touch surfaces.  The amount of cleaning necessary to keep people visiting these businesses safe might even be impractical, unless there is some type of after-the-fact protection.

Goldshield GS24 Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

Goldshield GS24 Antiseptic Hand SanitizerIn addition to the GS5 Concentrate used in our antimicrobial cleaning process, Goldshield has also developed an antiseptic hand sanitizer exclusively for ServiceMaster.  Registered with the FDA, this water-stable, eco-friendly sanitizer instantly kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, and some viruses on contact.

Unlike alcohol-based hand sanitizer products that stop working as soon as your hands are dry, GS24 provides all-day protection.  It’s available in one gallon and 1.75 oz bottles, and is the perfect product for our commercial customers who want to promote good hand hygiene in their businesses.

If you’re interested in giving your business, your employees, and your customers the maximum protection possible as you navigate re-opening and operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.