How a Clean Facility Improves Workplace Safety

Workplace SafetyA clean workplace means much more than having that fresh, sparkling appearance. It also helps improve workplace safety.

The US Department of Labor reports that in 2015, nearly 3 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses were reported by private employers, and just over half of those required days off work, job transfer, or restricted duties. Many workplace injuries and illnesses can be prevented by maintaining a clean, safe work environment.

A well-kept facility has fewer slipping and tripping incidents. Why? Clean, clutter-free workspaces, fewer fire hazards, hygienic conditions, and better overall maintenance contribute to keeping your workers safe. Here are 4 ways a clean facility can reduce the number of dangerous incidents and improve workplace safety.

Cut the Clutter

Cluttered surfaces can hide hazards such as sharp objects, but they can also make it far more difficult to do your job, increasing the amount of stress you deal with daily. However, desktops and counters aren’t the only places where clutter can be dangerous.

When you allow your clutter to obscure stairways and hallways, it poses a trip and fall risk as well as a fire hazard. Additionally, allowing trash to pile up offers a haven for pests such as rodents and insects; rodents are particularly fond of paper and cardboard, so be sure to have a recycling bin (that’s regularly emptied) on hand. Offering plenty of wastebaskets in main areas make it easy for employees to keep clutter and trash under control.

Clean Floors Improve Workplace Safety

Keeping floors clean, dry, and free of spills is the key to preventing slips and falls and improving workplace safety. Be sure to choose your floor cleaning product carefully, as different categories of cleaners are good for different purposes; alkaline cleaners a great for restaurant floors, while acidic cleaners work best at removing rust, scale, and oxidation from floors. Some products may contain chemicals that could damage flooring or cause it to wear prematurely. It’s best to talk to a professional about what’s best for your situation.

In addition to keeping floors cleaner, placing floor mats in entryways can greatly reduce the amount of dirt, dust, and moisture that is tracked across floors. Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning of mats and carpeted areas reduce dust, allergens, and germs, while also extending the life of mats and carpeting.

Disinfect Your Way to Fewer Sick Days

Germs can easily spread throughout the workplace, leading to missed workdays and a miserable, unproductive staff. The CDC reports that in 2015-2016, 62% of the people hospitalized for influenza were between the ages of 18-64—that means the very people who make up the nation’s workforce were among those hardest hit. Routine cleaning of surfaces such as countertops, floors, and walls is an obvious first step, but that Aloe is not enough to stop germs in their tracks.

Using an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant on any hard surfaces is the sure way to kill germs and keep illnesses from spreading. Don’t forget important smaller surfaces that are frequently touched (aka “hot spots”), including computer keyboards, mice, phones, doorknobs, light switches, and faucets.

Keep the Light Shining Bright

Light fixtures are an often-overlooked area that needs regular upkeep. Dirty, dust-covered light fixtures can significantly reduce the amount of available light, making routine tasks more difficult than they need to be –not to mention potentially dangerous.

Be sure light fixtures are plentiful, clean, and well-maintained. Aside from maintaining task lighting, don’t forget the entryways, halls, and stairwells, as keeping these areas well-lit is also important to a safe workplace. Along with light fixtures, keeping windows clean and clear of dirt and rain spots also allows more light to stream in, offering extra visibility, and in turn safety.

Effective cleaning is an ongoing process, a regularly scheduled part of operations. Sporadic, hit and miss cleanups are ineffective in reducing accidents and illnesses and in the end, can be costly to your business. We can help you keep your workplace safe and clean on all fronts. Contact us today for a quote on our commercial cleaning services, and we will work together to keep your facility at its best!