Many prospective clients have the similar questions about our commercial cleaning services. Below we’ve listed some of the most common questions we get along with the answers.

How do I communicate with you if there is a problem?

There are several ways to communicate should there be a problem. We have communication log books in each account to leave notes directly for our service partners. The log books are checked before each service to communicate small issues that can be easily corrected. Our Operations Managers can also be contacted by email and/or cell phone to correct issues.

Do you require us to use your paper products?

Customers are not required to use our paper products. In most cases, ServiceMaster can use consumables that are preferred by customers. However, ServiceMaster can change dispensers that can help customers needs and/or save money in most efficient paper usage.

How long will it take to respond in an emergency?

ServiceMaster can respond to emergency calls within 2 hours. All managers have smart devices to receive email and/or phone as soon as they are made. Upon the email or phone call, management will construct a plan to resolve the emergency in the most efficient manner.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, ServiceMaster is insured and bonded.

Are your chemicals safe to store in the facility?

Yes, a majority of our chemicals are Green Seal certified. These chemicals no odor and safe to be stored in the facility. We also provide SDS books that are stored in each facility in the event that someone needs to know the safety protocol when using a certain chemical.

What time do you clean? Are day porter services available?

In most cases we enter our accounts after hours. Cleaning after hours allows our customers to perform their particular job duties without interruptions from the cleaning crew. However, we do have customers require day porter services. Day porter services provide cleaning during business hours in situations where a facility has a large amount of daily traffic, multiple shifts and or highly classified information i.e. medical facilities, production facilities.

Are background checks performed on all employees?

Yes, ServiceMaster conducts a background check using a 3rd party service. ServiceMaster can also perform background checks processed by the state police and/or drug tests upon request of the customer.

Who is responsible for providing equipment, chemicals and consumables?

ServiceMaster will supply all equipment (vacuums, mop buckets, etc.), and cleaning chemicals. Our staff is trained on ServiceMaster products in order to bring highest product knowledge to each account. ServiceMaster can also provide consumables if the potential customer would prefer that option but it is not mandatory.

Do you have a training program?

We have a two-step training program. New employee’s spend time in classroom training and on the job training. Classroom training consists of videos and brochures that review our systems, chemicals and equipment. On the job training allows the new employee to use the information learned in the classroom and implement that into actual work.

Do you have a written checklist of tasks to be completed?

At ServiceMaster, what want to put our customer’s needs and wants first. In some cases our potential customers already have a checklist of items they would like to use which ServiceMaster can follow. In the case that potential customers do not, ServiceMaster can customize a checklist of tasks to be completed and frequencies of those tasks. Once we create that list we will then review with the potential customer to make sure everything is agreed upon by both parties.

Do you have a formal quality assurance program in place?

Yes, we have a written inspection process that covers four key people. The service partner, account supervisor, operations manager and the customer contact person all see a copy of this inspection and sign off on it. This allows for any issues to be made aware by the ServiceMaster staff along with receiving feedback from the customer.

Do you subcontract out any of the work?

No, we are a full service commercial cleaning company. Our staff will not only be responsible for daily janitorial needs but any floor and carpet care services and window cleaning services.

Do you haul away debris as part of your post-construction clean-up services?

Hauling away construction debris is categorized as rough clean-up and is something usually done by the construction contractor.  ServiceMaster does not do rough clean-up; instead we focus on the light cleaning that is needed after all debris have been removed.