Galax Commercial Cleaning Service

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is honored to have provided our Galax clients with cleaning services for over 20 years. We know that you take pride in your business, and we take pride in serving you with reliable, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that fit your business needs.

Do you own a restaurant, a medical practice, an industrial facility? Do you oversee an educational or religious institution? Another kind of business? ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning’s thoroughly-trained cleaning professionals have the experience and expertise to tackle any commercial cleaning project.

Contact us today to get a quote for your commercial cleaning solution or read more about the various services we provide to Galax businesses below.

Janitorial Cleaning for Galax, Virginia

More than 175 local businesses to take advantage of our janitorial cleaning services— why not join them? At the end of the day, after your last customer or client has left, you and your staff still have work to do, closing out the day’s business and getting ready for the next. One of those tasks is ensuring that your place of business is clean and inviting for current and potential clients.

Any activity in your place of business, including foot traffic in and out, walking and talking with clients, browsing products, and eating lunch, just to name a few of the more common ones, means that surfaces are dirty, and that debris isn’t confined to trash cans. We understand the value of an attractive business space: It is welcoming and inviting and helps make a great impression on visitors.

Our proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning® method is environmentally friendly, reduces cleaning time up to 25% versus traditional methods, and removes up to 55% more airborne particles than other cleaning procedures.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Galax, Virginia

Many Galax business owners opt for installing tile flooring because it’s easy to maintain, durable, and can handle a lot of foot traffic. We offer tile and grout cleaning services to help you keep all of your tile flooring clean year-round, extending its life no matter what people track in.

We know that most people don’t look forward to cleaning grout. However, dirty grout can give an entire floor the appearance of being unclean— no matter how clean your tile might be. In fact, the clearer the tile, the more that dirty grout will stand out.

While mopping is helpful, it can’t get completely eliminate the contaminants absorbed by the grout. We’ve got you (and your floors) covered. We’ll take your tile and grout from unsightly to unbelievably clean. We’ll also seal them, preventing the grout from absorbing contaminants for several months and making your regular cleanings easier and faster.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in Galax

We are proud to offer carpet cleaning services to help keep Galax business owners’ carpets and rugs looking as though they were just brought in yesterday. Installing carpeting is a great way to make a place of business feel homier and more relaxing for visitors. Carpeting doesn’t just provide cushioning underfoot; it can also provide a pop of color for your office space.

You want your carpet to last for years, if not decades. Regular cleaning is a must to get rid of the dirt, grime, and moisture that get tracked across it on a daily basis, but that regular cleaning can also take a toll on your carpet— if it isn’t done correctly.

Our trained professionals know exactly which cleaners will work on your particular carpet and how to apply them properly. We also use Scotchgard™ carpet protector, ensuring that your carpets will look fantastic for years to come.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning in Galax

ServiceMaster offers hard surface floor cleaning for a number of different flooring materials, including sheet vinyl, VCT, luxury vinyl, linoleum, rubber, asphalt tile, and “no wax.” Hard surface floors are a logical choice for businesses; they can handle constant activity and are typically easier to clean than other materials.

Clean floors don’t just look professional. They cut down on accident risk and they’re also more likely to withstand impact damage from falling or dropped objects or furniture. We know that these floors require a specific kind of maintenance, cleaning, and care.

We can ensure that your floors are clean and well-maintained thanks to our variety of different cleaning plans. Should you discover that you require daily or periodic maintenance, we’ll make it happen. We can also refinish or scrub and recoat your floors to extend their lifespan.

Upholstery Cleaning Service in Galax

Upholstered furniture is inviting and comfortable for clients, but it can be tricky to keep clean. Routine upholstery cleaning is a must. We’ve all heard stories about someone who tried to clean a priceless heirloom chair or couch but didn’t consider the kind of upholstery they were cleaning and did not follow the specific care instructions. As a result, they used the wrong solution and did irreparable, noticeable damage to the furniture.

We make sure that we follow the specific cleaning guides for both furniture and cleaning solutions so that your upholstered pieces will be clean and look beautiful and inviting for as long as you have them. Additionally, we use non-toxic cleaning agents, so they are safe for employees and guests.

Window Cleaning Service in Galax

Window cleaning is another important task that should be part of your routine cleaning schedule. Whether your building has several windows or one, whether they are large or small, we know how important it is to make sure that they are clean. We free them of dirt, debris, fingerprints, and anything else that Mother Nature or your visitors may inadvertently leave behind.

Smudged, dingy windows draw people’s attention (and not in a good way). Maybe you spend a lot of time putting in a good-faith effort to clean your windows, but end up leaving streaks behind, which can also make the windows appear dirty. We can help with that!

We’ll visit you to determine the best plan for your particular windows and will set up a cleaning schedule. We’ll get your windows clean–inside and out–streak-free and shining. We are able to clean even those hard-to-reach windows. Once clean, your windows will let in as much natural light as possible, brightening your space and you won’t have to worry about any missed grime.

Commercial Pressure Washing Service in Galax

Weather and Mother Nature impact your building 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Commercial pressure washing ensures that the outside of your business looks clean, professional, and inviting.

You need to clean your floors after foot traffic brings the elements inside— well, the same goes for the outside. No matter what your building’s edifice is made of, whether it’s brick, concrete, wood, or other materials, we can get it clean and looking great without damaging or gouging the surface of the material. (We can also remove chewing gum from your parking lot, sidewalks, or floors.)

You might consider renting a pressure washer yourself. However, any commercial pressure washer must be used exactly as directed to prevent damage to surfaces and injury to yourself or others. Let us help you out!

Post Construction Cleaning Services in Galax

Are you planning on starting a construction project on your business property? Don’t forget about post construction cleaning. Our professionals can take care of that for you. We can also provide cleaning services in between project stages. We recognize that construction projects are daunting. We can help you get your space back to normal as quickly as possible after construction is finished.

Most business owners don’t include post construction cleaning as part of the timeline for their construction project. We are familiar with large construction projects and what kind of cleanup is necessary afterward.

By planning for cleaning now, you’ll enable the entire process to go smoother and faster. You (and your clients) will be able to enjoy the benefits of your new construction project without worrying about when it will be back to “business as usual,” because you’ll have a projected finish date that includes cleanup.

Dry Ice Blasting Service in Galax

ServiceMaster is one of the few commercial cleaning companies that offer dry ice blasting service to clients in Galax. This cleaning method uses dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) to clean equipment thoroughly and safely.

If you have food processing equipment, dry ice blasting can remove E. coli, listeria, and Salmonella bacteria from surfaces, preventing illnesses or cross-contamination. If you have equipment that would need to be disassembled in order to be cleaned thoroughly, dry ice blasting is a great option instead of disassembling and cleaning. It’s just as effective, and you won’t have to spend extra time taking apart equipment and putting it back together again.

Explosion Proof Vacuuming Service in Galax

ServiceMaster is also one of the few commercial cleaning companies in the area that offers explosion-proof vacuuming to our clients in Galax. If you own an industrial facility, you know about the risk of dust explosions. Our equipment removes dust rather than spreads it around like traditional equipment does, which increases the risk of an explosion.

We are proud to offer this cleaning service to clients who lack the necessary equipment. We can help you keep your facility compliant with OSHA recommendations and mandates, and, more importantly, keep you and your employees safe.

Move-in/Move-Out Cleaning

Are you getting ready to move into a new business space for the first time? Relocating to a more convenient location? Congratulations! Consider taking advantage of our move-in/move-out cleaning services— whether you use one of these services or both.

No matter the reason for your move, you want to make sure that your business space is completely clean before you arrive and after you depart. This is also the only service that we offer to residential customers as well. Regardless of how long you’ve been in your home or office, a good, deep cleaning is a wise investment and is easiest to do when a space is completely empty of furnishings and merchandise.

If you are moving into a new space, you don’t want to wait to set up hard-to-move furnishings and then realize that you should have had had a professional cleaning service come in first. If you rented your home or business space, getting your security deposit back in full is contingent on the space being completely clean. Give us a call to schedule a thorough cleaning of your home or office!

Industrial Maintenance Services in Galax

If you own an industrial facility in Galax, we want you to know that we offer several light industrial maintenance services to our clients in Galax.

They include:

Interior and exterior painting services: Let us help refresh your buildings–inside and out–with new coats of paint.

Pressure washing: No matter what the surface of your building is, we can clean it.

Dry ice blasting: If you have food processing equipment or equipment that needs to be completely disassembled to clean, dry ice blasting is a great solution. It destroys specific bacteria and also eliminates the need to take apart complicated equipment in order to thoroughly clean it.

Explosion proof vacuuming: If you operate an industrial site, we can safely, effectively remove dust to keep your employees safe and your business OSHA-compliant.

If you are a Galax business owner, we look forward to talking with you about your cleaning needs. Contact us today to request a quote.