Industrial Maintenance Services

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is pleased to offer the following light industrial maintenance services to our​ clients!

​Commercial Painting Services

​Our quality interior and exterior commercial painting services will help keep your facility looking great while protecting vulnerable surfaces.  

We’ll work with your facility to ensure minimal disruption to your operation during painting, and get the job done quickly and professionally so that you can resume normal operations.  

​The examples of our work below show you what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make!

Commercial Painting


Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting


Commercial Painting

​Pressure Washing

​Our pressure washing ​services ​are designed so that your property will ​get a thorough cleaning without any ​scratching or scarring of the surfaces.

We ​can clean many types of buildings, including professional offices, ​industrial facilities,  warehouses, and more.

​No matter what materials your building is constructed with, we can make sure that it is properly and thoroughly cleaned.

Pressure Washing

​Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive cleaning method that is great for cleaning ​equipment that might otherwise require disassembly to thoroughly clean, such as equipment used in food processing.  

In dry ice blasting, pellets of dry ice are directed at high pressure onto the surface being cleaned. 

​The pellets are ​very soft, which means that they can ​clean a surface effectively without damaging that surface or causing abrasion. Because dry ice sublimates without leaving any residue, it is very environmentally friendly and thus ideal in industries such as food production, aerospace, and technology.

​Explosion Proof Vacuuming

Due to the risk of dust explosions in industrial facilities, OSHA recommends (and in some cases requires) that these facilities use explosion-proof vacuums when removing dust.

These vacuum cleaners are specially designed to reduce the risk of a dangerous spark during operation. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is pleased to offer explosion-proof vacuuming services to facilities that don’t have the specialized equipment or training required to do it themselves.

We are one of the few cleaning services in the area to offer this service.

Explosion Proof Vacuuming