Carpet Cleaning Services in Roanoke and the New River Valley

Carpet Cleaning ServicesFor over 20 years, ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning has been providing carpet cleaning services to businesses in the Roanoke and New River Valley.  You’ve probably seen our famous yellow vans in your community, perhaps even parked outside the business next door.


Even though the ServiceMaster brand is known worldwide, our franchise is 100% locally owned and operated, so when you use our carpet cleaning services you’re getting the best of both worlds—proven cleaning systems developed over the past six decades and applied in countless businesses across the country, and personalized service from people who live and work in your community.

A regular professional carpet cleaning from ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning will:

  • Help maintain a uniform appearance for your carpet
  • Reduce the spread of bacteria, germs, mold, and disease
  • Remove any spots or stains currently present on your carpet
  • Reduce the impact of wear in high-traffic areas
  • Help restore the clean, natural texture and appearance of your carpets
  • Extend the life of your carpets by years
  • Use Scotchgard™ carpet protector to prevent future spots and spills from causing permanent damage
  • Provide regular spot cleaning service
  • Use the appropriate carpet cleaning methods and programs to meet your needs, timelines and budgets

Clean carpets are key to your professional image

When people enter your building, one of the first things they’ll notice is the cleanliness of your facility.  Within seconds, they will begin making judgements about your business on a subconscious level based on what they see.  A clean carpet projects an image of a company that is professional and detail-oriented.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning uses environmentally-friendly cleaning products that protect the original colors of your carpet and promote a consistent appearance.  Your hallways, offices, meeting spaces, and entryways will look their best with our professional carpet cleaning services.  Whether it is ongoing maintenance of your carpets or an annual carpet cleaning, our trained staff, our modern equipment, and proprietary products deliver quality results.

Protect your investment in quality carpet

Installing quality carpet in your building represents a major investment, and neglect or improper care reduces the time before you will need to replace your carpet.  Matting, fraying, and fading are all symptoms of a poorly maintained carpet that can be minimized or eliminated through proper maintenance.  A thorough carpet cleaning by ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, done on a regular basis, can extend the life of your carpet and maintain its beautiful appearance.

Regular carpet care means predictable costs

Our monthly carpet care program means a longer life for your carpet and less frequent and costly replacement.  By eliminating surprise carpet cleaning costs, you will be able to better predict your maintenance costs and stay within your budget.

Clean carpets mean a healthy building

At ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, our philosophy is that a professional carpet cleaning helps contribute to the overall cleanliness of your building, which in turn helps to maintain a healthier environment for all your company’s employees.

Low moisture carpet cleaning reduces disruptions

Our quarterly low moisture carpet cleaning method removes soil on the surface of your carpet using less water than other methods.  This results in faster drying times, which means less interruption to your business.  When you use our low moisture cleaning service on a regular basis, your carpets will only need a deep cleaning once a year.

Our environmentally friendly carpet care products

ServiceMaster Clean Green For® products are designed to cause minimal environmental impact.  They are free of ingredients like VOCs and perfumes, and carry certifications from third party organizations who test and verify claims made regarding environmentally friendly products.

What to expect with our deep carpet cleaning service

  •  Step 1: Together, we inspect the areas of carpet that require cleaning and review the cost of the service.
  • Step 2: A pre-spray is applied to your carpet and allowed to sit for 3-5 minutes. This spray, a detergent solution, breaks down soil embedded in your carpet.
  • Step 3: We extract the pre-spray detergent solution from the carpet.
  • Step 4: We rinse the carpet with clear water, which removes residue (residue might cause the carpet to re-soil more quickly).
  • Step 5: We post-treat any remaining spots.
  • Step 6: We inspect your carpets with you to ensure they have been cleaned to your satisfaction

Tasks to perform prior to your carpet cleaning

In order to prepare for a professional carpet cleaning, please complete the following tasks:

  • Remove fragile objects from the tops of furniture in the room where we will be cleaning the carpet
  • Remove items such as rugs, plants, garbage cans, etc. from the floor
  • Vacuum all areas that will be cleaned.

Note: For lighter furniture items such as coffee tables, chairs, and small sofas, we will place blocks under them while we clean.  For larger furniture like conference room tables, bookcases, and lobby furniture, we will clean around them.

Post-Cleaning Instructions

To help ensure that you get the most benefit from your professional carpet cleaning, please follow these instructions:

  • Refrain from walking on freshly cleaned carpets for 8 hours at a minimum (walking on the carpets can flatten the fibers).
  • Use fans to help circulate air to speed up the drying time if necessary.
  • If Stotchguard or another carpet protector was applied, traffic on the carpet should be kept to a minimum for up to 24 hrs.
  • Do not move furniture back onto the carpet until it is completely dry and the Scotchgard carpet protector has cured.
  • Do not move heavy furniture back onto the carpet for two days if extraction was performed (if not using blocks).

Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Here are a few suggestions about how to maintain your carpet in between professional cleanings:

  • Vacuum regularly (daily in high traffic areas, twice-weekly in medium traffic areas, and weekly in light-traffic areas). Use attachments at the edges of the carpet.  Ask us about our janitorial cleaning services if you’d like us to take care of this for you.
  • Be aware that in order to be effective, you’ll need to make multiple passes with a vacuum on carpeted areas to catch debris that works its way down into the carpet fibers.
  • Use entryway mats and walkway rugs to catch dirt that people might track in from outside.
  • To clean up a spill, use a blotting motion instead of a rubbing motion and start at the edges of the spill rather than the center. This will help keep it from spreading.
  • Clean up all spills immediately. Doing this before they have the chance to set could prevent discolorations and odors.  Dry the area thoroughly before continuing regular use to prevent indentations from settling in.

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Below are some answers to questions we frequently get about our carpet cleaning services.

Is professional carpet cleaning expensive?

Compared to the cost of replacing your carpet, no.  Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis will extend its life by years, which will help offset any cleaning expenses.  Call us today for an estimate from our carpet cleaning professionals.

Will cleaning the carpets at my business take a long time?

It depends on how big of an area needs to be cleaned, as well as the process that we use (portable extraction, low moisture, etc.).  A ServiceMaster technician will consult with you to determine cleaning timeline that fits your schedule.

Is the carpet cleaning process disruptive for a business?

We will schedule your carpet cleaning at a time that will cause minimal disruption, such as after regular business hours.  We can also clean your carpets in small sections to minimize disruptions if needed.  However, there are times after a cleaning where you won’t be able to use your carpet until it has properly dried.

Is it possible to use off-the-shelf carpet cleaning products for removing spots from my carpet?

We recommend that you only use our cleaning products, because we can’t guarantee the effectiveness of other cleaners.  Contact us for a recommendation about what products to use.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned professionally?

We recommend getting your carpets cleaned using our low moisture method at least quarterly, and annually using our deep cleaning service.  Talk to us about a carpet care program that fits your needs and budget.

How soon after cleaning can I walk on my carpets?

You should allow 6-8 hours for your carpets to dry after cleaning before walking on them, and about 2 days before putting large furniture on the carpet (unless you use blocks).

Will carpet cleaning cause a smell? 

There may be a faint smell depending on the type of carpet.  Wool carpets are especially prone to this.  Usually the scent is gone within an our but this depends on heat, humidity, and air circulation.

One thing that ServiceMaster does differently when we clean carpets compared to our competition is that we don’t put soap in our rinse water.  We spray the carpets and then remove spots before cleaning the water extract.  This ensures that we don’t leave soap residue on the carpet.

Must I do anything ahead of time to prepare for my carpet cleaning?

Yes—you will need to remove fragile items from furniture in the rooms that will be cleaned, and pick up things like rugs, trash cans, plants, etc.  Also, vacuum all carpets that will be cleaned (we can take care of the vacuuming for you for an additional fee if you’d prefer).

Do I need to move the furniture when you clean my carpets?

For the best results, we suggest that you remove all furniture from the carpets that will be cleaned.  We will clean around larger items like book shelves, conference tables, and file cabinets rather than moving them.

Do I need to do anything after my carpet cleaning service? 

You will need to wait 6-8 hours before stepping on your carpets, and if a carpet protector was applied, you should minimize foot traffic for up to 24 hours.  Wait until the carpet is dry before moving furniture back into place.