Hard Surface Floor Cleaning in Roanoke and the New River Valley

Hard Surface FloorsClean hard-surface floors can really help to make your facility beautiful.  If properly maintained, they can present a professional image for your company, contribute to a healthy workplace, and improve safety in the work environment.

We have decades of floor care experience in medical facilities, hospitals, schools, fitness centers, office buildings, industrial buildings, grocery stores, and every other type of facility.  Continue reading to find out how our hard-surface floor cleaning program can help you protect your investment.

Our Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Plan

We can clean a variety of different surfaces, including sheet vinyl, VCT, luxury vinyl, linoleum, rubber, asphalt tile, and “no wax” floors.

Daily Maintenance

Daily Maintenance is the most important aspect of maintaining any hard surface flooring which are provided by our Service Partners. Daily or routine maintenance starts with vacuuming, sweeping and/or dust mopping dry particulates.

The second step in daily or routine maintenance is wet mopping. Wet mopping will also be provided by our Service Partners during their normal cleaning schedule. An auto scrubber can be used in larger areas to increase efficiency.

Periodic Maintenance

Beyond daily maintenance, periodic maintenance can be performed in several different ways. Periodic maintenance could be a wide range of services from burnishing to scrub and re-coat to complete floor refinishing in heavily soiled environments.

Scrubbing and Re-Coating

Scrubbing and Re-Coating is commonly known as top scrubbing and re-coating. Scrubbing and Re-Coating focus’s on removing only top layers of soiled floor finish. The amount of floor finish to be removed through the scrub and re-coat process will mainly be dictated by the usage and environment of a given floor. Even with daily maintenance, soil is ground into the floor surface and becomes embedded which leaves the floor with a dull, dirty appearance. The scrub and re-coating process will remove the layers of floor finish that contain the embedded dirt and apply new floor finish to the surface.

Floor Refinishing (Strip and Wax)

Floor Refinishing or stripping and waxing a floor is the least performed floor maintenance task but possibly the most important. Floor refinishing is the process where ALL existing floor finished is removed and replaced with new floor finish. This is essentially the step to provide a new starting point in your floor maintenance program.

ServiceMaster is happy to create a floor maintenance program to meet your budgetary and appearance expectations.