Janitorial Cleaning Services in Roanoke and the New River Valley

Our janitorial cleaning services are the heart and soul of our operation.  We provide these services to over 175 facilities in the area, some of whom have been our clients from the very beginning in 1996.  We believe that our janitorial cleaning services are second to none thanks to our capture and removal cleaning system and our performance-based cleaning process. 

What is Capture and Removal Cleaning®?

Green Seal CertifiedThe proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning method developed by ServiceMaster is a high-productivity, environmentally friendly approach that actually removes dirt from your facility rather than simply spreading it around.  We use special microfiber towels and dust wands designed to collect dirt, high-filtration vacuum cleaners that capture and contain 99% of particulate matter, and cleaning products certified by leading environmental agencies Environmental Choice and Green Seal.  The benefits of this system include:

  • Up to a 25% reduction in cleaning time, which means less hours spent in your facility and lower cleaning costs
  • As much as a 55% increase in the number of airborne particulates captured vs traditional cleaning methods
  • A better environment for individuals with sensitivities to chemicals or allergens

The bottom line is that our Capture and Removal Cleaning method results in a healthier environment in your workplace than traditional cleaning processes, and it achieves that result without increasing your costs.

What is performance-based cleaning?

Day Cleaning ServicesPerformance-based cleaning is a process that rotates detailed cleaning throughout your facility based on an agreed-upon task list to ensure that the desired results are achieved.  By basing our cleaning schedule on desired outcomes rather than arbitrary amounts of time, we can save our clients money while still maintaining the level of service they expect.

Essentially, with performance-based cleaning, you are paying for an outcome rather than simply paying for cleaning staff to spend a certain amount of time in your building.

When combined with our capture and removal cleaning system, our performance-based approach to cleaning ensures that our clients get the most efficient service possible both in terms of cost and results.

Day CleaningDay Cleaning Services

Although most of our clients prefer to have their building cleaned after regular business hours, many choose to take advantage of our day cleaning services.  There are many advantages to having your building cleaned during the day, including lower energy costs, improved building security, reduced environmental impact, and easier communication.

If you’d like to explore whether day cleaning services would work for your facility, we will work around your daytime schedule to come up with a cleaning plan that fits your needs.