Tile and Grout Cleaning in the New River Valley and Roanoke

tile and grout cleaningIf you have a tile floor in your office, lobby, restroom, kitchen, or other area of your facility, you aren’t alone.  It is a very popular choice for flooring due to its durability, the problem is that the grout can become unattractive and dark due to the soils and dirt that inevitably come with high traffic areas.

Although regular mopping can slow this process, it can’t stop it.  That’s due to the fact that grout by its very nature is porous and thus absorbs debris and dirt into it.  Mopping does not remove this embedded debris; it only gets rid of the dirt on the surface.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning uses high-powered specialized equipment to extract the soil and dirt from your floors, thus restoring them to their original appearance (or as close to it as possible).

Here are some of the benefits to getting your tile and grout professionally cleaned by ServiceMaster:

  • You will extend the life of your floors by getting rid of debris that can harm the tiles.
  • You will delay the interruptions and expense that come when you need to replace your tile.
  • The sealing products we use will help maintain the grout for many months and will make routine maintenance cleaning more effective (whether that cleaning is done by your staff or by ServiceMaster technicians)

Our professionals can clean many types of tile surfaces, including ceramic, limestone, porcelain, and travertine.  Whether your tile floor is in an office, restroom, lobby, hallway, or kitchen, we can clean it for you.

What to expect from our tile and grout cleaning service

Here is what you can expect from ServicMaster Commercial cleaning when you use our tile and grout cleaning services:

  • Step 1: We will visit your facility and inspect your tiled areas so that we can figure out the best cleaning method and locate areas that are high-traffic or heavily soiled.
  • Step 2: Our technicians will pre-spray spots and stains
  • Step 3: We remove ground-in soil and dirt using high-pressure cleaning methods, which include a clean-water rinse and the removal of excess water.
  • Step 4: We clean baseboards and corners.
  • Step 5: We thoroughly dry all tiled areas.
  • Step 6: As an optional service, we seal all grout lines in order to stop long-term damage and help keep them clean.

If you do choose to use our grout sealing service (as in step 6 described above), we recommend waiting 24 hours after we finish rinsing your floors before applying the sealer.  Otherwise, it may not adhere properly.

The grout sealing process takes 2-3 hours, and the tile and grout cleaning process takes about 60-90 minutes for every 300 square feet that needs to be cleaned.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Instructions

There are a few things you’ll need to take care of prior to using our tile and grout cleaning services:

  • Remove fragile items from on top of any furniture in rooms that will be cleaned
  • Remove items such as rugs, trash cans, and plants from tile floors
  • Vacuum or sweep all floors that will be cleaned (or ask us about our janitorial cleaning services if you’d like us to take care of this for you)

After we finish cleaning your tile and grout, keep these instructions in mind:

  • Refrain from using the floors for at least 30 minutes after the cleaning.
  • Be careful not to get any liquid on the floor for at least one day or until the sealant has completely cured.
  • After 24 hours, you can return furniture to the floor (we suggest using felt pads to prevent scratching).
  • After 24 hours, rugs can be replaced on the floors.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips

Here are a few tips about how to maintain your tile floors in between professional cleanings (contact us about our janitorial cleaning services if you’d like help with some of these tasks).

  • Be sure to sweep or vacuum floors before mopping to get rid of dirt that might have settled into the grout.
  • Mop regularly using a neutral cleaner, and rinse your mop in clean water after cleaning a small area of the floor. Use a dry mop to get rid of excess water after using the wet mop.
  • Clean up spills right away to keep stains from occurring.
  • Pick up furniture to move it rather than dragging it to avoid scratches and scrapes. Cracks in the floor can capture dirt very easily.
  • Never use ammonia-based cleaners, bleach, or finish wax to clean your tile floors.

Tile and grout cleaning frequently asked questions

Below, you’ll find answers to some of the questions we often get about our tile and grout cleaning services.

Why is professional tile and grout cleaning important?

Mopping your tile floors only removes dirt from the surface, but not dirt that has become embedded in the grout.  Only a professional cleaning will accomplish this.

Does a tile and grout cleaning cost a lot of money?

Our tile and grout cleaning services are priced very competitively, and are much cheaper than replacing your tile floors due to improper maintenance and cleaning.

How long does a tile and grout cleaning take?

A good rule of thumb is that it takes about 60-90 minutes to clean a 300 square foot area of floor.  If you have your grout sealed (which we recommend), then we suggest that you wait 24 hours before doing so.  Grout sealing will take an additional 2-3 hours.

Will my business be disrupted by a tile and grout cleaning?

We can work with your schedule to minimize any disruptions, including doing the cleaning after normal business hours if necessary.

Can I use off-the-shelf cleaning products to clean my tile and grout floors?

You can use a neutral cleaning agent on your tile floors—ask your ServiceMaster technician for recommendations.

How frequently should I have my tile floors cleaned professionally?

You should have your tile & grout floors professionally cleaned at least once a year (and more often if required due to high traffic).

How long do I need to stay off my floors after a professional tile and grout cleaning?

You should refrain from walking on the floors for at least 30 minutes after a cleaning, and keep all liquid off of the floor for 24 hours.

Will tile and grout cleaning cause an odor?

There may be a faint smell after cleaning, which should dissipate in an hour or so.

How do I need to prepare for my tile and grout cleaning?

Sweep or vacuum the floors that will be cleaned, and remove items like trash cans and plants from the floors.