Window Cleaning Services for Roanoke and the New River Valley

As with your floors and carpets, the cleanliness of the windows in your facility makes a statement about your business.  Clean windows give your customers, visitors, and employees the impression of a professional business that takes care of its investments.

Keeping your windows clean can be a difficult task, since they need to be cleaned on both the inside and outside.  This is especially true if your facility has a large number of windows, or if the windows are difficult to reach.  Other factors that influence how hard it is to keep your windows clean include:

  • Location: If your office is on a busy street or high-traffic area, your windows will probably get dirty more quickly.
  • Landscaping: If there are trees or shrubs near your windows that drip sap, or if there are areas of mulch near your windows, they’ll probably need to be cleaned more often.
  • Weather: You may think that lots of rain would mean your windows don’t need to be cleaned as often, but the opposite is true. Rain leaves mineral deposits on the windows, which means they actually need to be cleaned more often when it rains a lot.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning can help the windows in your office, restaurant, retail store, or medical facility clean.  We offer both interior and exterior window cleaning services, and have the ability to clean hard to reach windows.

What to expect from our window cleaning services

Here’s what to expect when you hire ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning to clean your windows.

  • Step 1: We visit your facility to see how many windows need to be cleaned and what, if any, special circumstances you have (such as hard to reach windows, unusual types of windows, etc.).
  • Step 2: Together, we decide how often your windows should be cleaned, and schedule the first cleaned.
  • Step 3: We clean your windows according to the agreed-upon schedule, and conduct routine inspections to ensure the work has been completed properly.

Window cleaning tips

If you want to supplement our professional window cleaning services by occasionally cleaning your own windows, here are some tips you can follow to make your time well spent.

  • Try not to clean your windows in direct sunlight, since the cleaning solution might dry out and stick to the window if you do this.
  • Clean windows from the top to the bottom, so that any cleaning solution that drips and leaves streaks on the window will be removed as you clean down.
  • Don’t clean your windows in wet weather or when there is a lot of pollen in the air if possible.
  • If you only have your windows professionally cleaned once or twice a year, schedule the service for either the spring or fall months.

Window cleaning frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we frequently get about our window cleaning services.

Is professional window cleaning expensive?

We have very competitive pricing for our window cleaning services.  You’ll probably be surprised at how affordable it is—give us a call for a quote.

How often do I need to have windows at my facility professionally cleaned?

The answer to this question really depends on what type of facility you have and the overall environment.  For example, restaurant windows will likely need to be cleaned as often as once a week due to the grease circulating in the air (not to mention patrons sitting next to the windows and leaving fingerprints on them).  Professional offices, on the other hand, may only need to have windows cleaned a few times a year.  For other facilities, once a month is a good rule of thumb for professional window cleaning frequency.

Is professional window cleaning disruptive to my business?

No, in most cases your business can operate normally during professional window cleaning.  However, for certain types of businesses (such as retail operations or restaurants), areas next to the windows may be disrupted by the cleaning.

Can you clean my windows at night?

In order for our cleaners to properly clean your windows, they need to have natural lighting.  It may be possible to accomplish this after normal business hours during the spring, summer, and fall months.

Do you offer high-rise window cleaning services?

At this time, we only offer low-rise exterior window cleaning services.  Our interior window cleaning services are available for any type of building.