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“ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning does a good job, especially when it comes to keeping the floors waxed and polished. With an institution like us, my emphasis is always on the cleanliness of the property, and that starts with the floors because if you walk into a building and you see well-kept floors, it sets the impression for the entire building. They've done a good job of finding the key person who can keep the floors clean, that is the first step of making everything else look good. Also, we are able to address any problems, concerns, or issues that we have on a regular weekly basis in meetings with the supervisor, which is very helpful.”

“ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning does an excellent job. Whenever there was an emergency cleaning situation, I could call and they would be up here within an hour to clean up the mess. They were always available when I needed them, above and beyond just the regular cleaning that they did. They are very friendly and very responsive, and they do a great job keeping track of the people that they have in here. They address anything that might need to be done. Other cleaning services that I've had were very sloppy and didn't fill the paper towels or didn't put the soap in the dispensers. You'd have to call them, and it just would never get done. I haven’t had that problem with ServiceMaster.”

“I like the fact that ServiceMaster gives me the option of not having to use their paper products. Also, they are very good about keeping track of the inventory of those items, and giving me a heads-up on when I need to order more. That's one less thing I have to do off my plate. Also, Janet is fantastic with communication, and always is quick to correct any problems.”

“ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is a cleaning service that I've been very satisfied with. The managers and the supervisors are amenable to anything that I need. If ever there is extra cleaning that I need done or something that's happened during the day or a problem that I have with the way something's been cleaned, they're very responsive. One phone call or one email usually handles our problem. I think that they train their employees better and they are more responsive than other cleaning services I’ve worked with.”